The Economist What about President Trump? You've said you are Trump-y and which days you feel a bit anti-Trump? Mr Shapiro It depends If you do something dumb or horrible that day I sometimes Trump What determines actually which days you're feeling mean that's really what it comes down to When I say Sometimes Trump what I mean is that he is the President of the United States in this case I would say I was Sometimes Obama meaning that if Obama did something that I liked-which was exceedingly rare-then I was a fan of it It's the same thing So when President Trump says very foolish or counterproductive things then that's bad When he nominates a Supreme Court justice who says that he will hew to the original meaning of the Constitution then that's good I'm not going to criticise him when I think he's doing something right I'm not going to ignore it when I think he's doing something wrong This is exactly how I feel about Trump Source httpstinyurlcomy4jurnhp Meme

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