the employed one - sorry I'm working - takes pics of themselves hotline bling make their ex jealous media platform them in the club the one who's - their summer mission is to - bikini pics on évery social -their snapchat story is constantly abroad - hang on wait are they on in their work uniform to guilt trip everyone else holiday AGAIN? -super popular - deep in their overdraft - wish you were here omgevery night - rich af but never has time to spend their money COS THEY'RE AT WORK which friend during summer are uou? atopbananamemes the dark horse the recluse the one with their life together - no one has seen them since -sleeps in till 2pm everyday - whenever you look for them - comes alive durin june -takes weeks to reply to the summer months -bags an internship at a - huge vitamin D huge company - wholesome family holidays induced glo up 4 boufriends messages -they're sweet enough to override your crippling - low key the mum friend on snapchat map they're jealousy in their house i did the semi colon thing -C Meme

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