The famous trumpet theme of Godfather movie embodies the character Godfather as he stands as the character is presented to us Noble and yet emanating a sense of solitude he allows an audience in which woes or wishes will be expressed One can't help but wonder how does such a figure come to possess wield and symbolize such a power Following such a solemn introduction almost whimsical the waltz unfolds at 035 Light possessing minor harmonies pulsating with the energy and feigned happiness of major tone the trumpet isn't alone anymore The same solemn theme accompanied by the mandolin accordion and a doleful clarinet becomes the doorway to a complex character at 202a doleful chant of a character who embodies a code of honor a desire to conduct business in ways that fall within a personal code of honor the hearsay of his past the gifts of bilateral loyalty and a careful relationship with violence But let's not dwell on the sadness and the sacrifice that has brought life to the Godfather The waltz goes on stronger more enthralling more entrancing beckoning us to loose ourselves in the celebration that cloaks the prevailing darkness that fuels this said reality at 331 The rhythm slows down as a reminder that for the audience it is a story that is just starting We are unaware of the consequences of holding such a position of power viewers blinded by shows of luxury mafia based shows of loyalty omerta and masculine strength What we view from afarisn't so or is deceptively more so than what we imagined This become more obvious at 115 Just like Tchaikovsky could juxtapose an addendum of utter sadness to song of dance and levity the waltz reveals that not everything is what it seems The Godfather isn't simply a man of power and means 233 1 46 The apex comes when the wind instruments dance in this wonderful waving of harmonies and interplay VIEW 46 REPLIES Meme

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