The female nurse didn't think I was funny The male doctor couldn't stop laughing UROLOGY PATIENT HEALTH HISTORY NAME 4-14-8 4-15-13 DOB DATE CURRENT PROBLEM What Is the main reason for your visit today? Describe your symptoms In detail Vassctouny My Spaetos are Idat wat chd ahat lya old als e thine When did you first notice the problem or symptom? Are symptoms continuous or only occasionally present? Yes When present how long does it lasts? A DAHave you had similar symptoms in the past? stendny to ne behnd children hat makes the symptoms worse? cuttg den rees hat makes the symptoms better? No the symptoms Interfere with your normal function? PAST MEDICAL HISTORY clrcla the following if you have or had any of these conditions lolzandtrollz Describe Your Symptoms In Detail Meme

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