THE FIRST TIME YOUR ANCESTORS SEEN OR HEARD OF JESUS The Good Ship Jesus was in fact the Jesus of Jesus of Lubeck Name of first Slave Ship to Grace the America's Jesus walked on Water The first British ship to take African AS slaves was the Good Ship Jesus or Jesus of Lubeck Granted permission by Queen Elizabeth in 1562 Sir John Hawkins led the voyage to the area know as Sierra Leone and dropped the 300 - 500 Africans as slaves off in the Dominican Republic This begin the British involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade FROM KINGS AND QUEEN TO NEGROS HEBREWS TO NEGROS By Ronald Dalton Jr Page 27 “For Blacks Christianity disempowers induces a sense of moral inferiority preaches submission subordination and obedience is associated with material deprivation sanctifies material discomfort and suffering is selfnegating self-effacing produces relatively few tangible and desirable results promotes the worship of a god that wears a non-Afrikan face and bears the facial image of their Whtie dominators and enemies leading them to consciously worship White people to think of them as more god-like then themselves to perceive them as divinely ordained to rule over themselves to associate whiteness of skin with all that is good and blackness of skin with all that is bad provides a rationale for racial selfdenial selflessness inclusiveness etc by expanding the practice of brotherly love and equality self-sacrifice and the like to all beyond the borders of the Afrikan race”— Amos N Wilson Meme

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