The formidable Black Canyon of the Gunnison River is an awe-inspiring canyon in the American West most famous for its dramatic depth extremely steep cliffs narrowness and unforgiving darkness Located in western Colorado and millions of years in the making the Black Canyon stretches for 77 kilometers 48 miles with the deepest and arguably the most spectacular 225-kilometer 14-mile section making up Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park The canyon reaches a maximum depth of 8297 meters 2722 feet at Warner Point accessible from the south making it almost exactly as deep as the tallest free-standing structure in the world the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which is about 828 meters 27165 feet in height The canyon is also very narrow reaching a width of 12 meters 40 feet at a section called ‘The Narrows’ The Black Canyon gets its name from the fact that its severe steepness prevents much sunlight from piercing its depths blanketing much of the canyon in shadow In fact author Duane Vandenbusche reports that sections of the Black Canyon only see 33 minutes of sunlight a day! What’s your favorite local canyon? Photo NPS guffscience science geology geography rock nature canyon river earth education naturephotography bestoftheday interesting didyouknow nowyouknow america unitedstates colorado montrose nps blackcanyon gunnison gunnisonnationalpark blackcanyonofthegunnisonnationalpark Meme

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