The Franklin Mint is proud to present The Time Fergie Pissed Herself Onstage Commemorative Plate ften referred to as the Moon landing of the mid-2000s the unforgettable moment in July 2005 when pop sensation Fergie pissed herself onstage while performing a song called Let's Get Retarded defined a generation A Cherish this moment for generations Add a touch of sophistication to your dining room and share your enthusiasm for history with your loved ones and passersby PLEASE send me this fucking piss plate! Yes! It's been a really hard year and I feel like maybe this piss plate will keep me going for another couple days at least I vagucly remember this event I gucss I assumed it was like that Rod Stewart thing You know where he had all that semen pumped out of his stomach? Although I'm pretty sure that was just an unsubstantiated rumor Do you have a plate for that? The Franklin Mint® is fucking THRILLED to offer our discriminating customers this hand-crafted decorative platter as a lasting reminder of one of our clearly declining nation's defining cultural moments Name Address CityStatcZip 2019 TEENAGE STEPDAD INC Meme

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