The FREEDOM Friday 2782049 Issue 413 The only newspaper that tells it like it is Rebellion Leader Greg Heffley Publicly Executed By Rowley Jefferson Brothers and sisters Today is a sad day Our worst fears has been conirmed and yesterday in another appaling display of cruelty the monstrous Manuel had killed our dear leader in such a cold-blooded way that the full account of what happened shan't be put on paper It shall be said that in his last moments Greg was heard condemining the monstrous Manuel's empire Let it be known that Gregory Heffley forever our leader died doing what he loved Standing up to injustice and be a shining beacon oflight in a world so dark Though Greg has departed we The Freedom Bubbies must never lose hope We must continue to strive towards our goal To topple the monstrous Manuel and his empire and to bring back peace to humanity I shall step up to fll the void left by Greg's absence As we'd agreed on and from today I shall lead The Freedom Bubbies And though I know I shan't ever be as good as a leader Greg was I hope I could serve as a good enough leader to all Greg Heffley remembered What now? By Holly Hills By Chirag Gupta When I first met Gregory Heffley theRegarding recent events what is man who would later go on to become the the monstrous Manuel's goal now? leader of The Freedom Bubbies and my How should we retaliate? And can husband we were both in middle school Rowley Jefferson ever lead The Not once did I ever consider that he'd Freedom Bubbies as well as Greg? I ever become continued on p2 want to answercontinued on p3 Mannystopia Part 2 Meme

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