The Gay Burn Book @SouthernHomo When you show up to a gay bar but it's just 50 straight girls having bachelorette parties can you leave? sodomymcscurvylegs robeblr onlyblackgirl geekandmisandry harpnotes If the straight girls in this scenario leave gay men aren’t going to magically appear The bar will just be empty the bartenders will make less money and if it keeps up like that for long enough guess what bar won’t exist anymore? Yeah No offense hon but we’ve never needed the straights in order to keep our bars existing Gay people ain’t there because straight hoes maxed out capacity so thy can’t get in No gay bar has suffered because straight people didn’t show up Straight people at gay bars are like the porn bots in your notes LMAO! Imagine thinking that the only way gay establishments will survive is with the patronage of straight people Meme

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