The Goat Pharoah Wild and totemic this is a beard for leaders and mystics alike Equally at home in an elder's meeting or an impromptu worship jam this is a beard with attitude and a gentle yet feral energy well suited to a variety of pastoral activities A field guide for pastoral facial hair The Guru Goatee Statistics sound best when spoken through the gentle o ocurtain of this gem Urbane but not foppish neat but with a slight bad boy flair it brings that Palo Alto panache without too much West Coast Church Planter Like a fickering shadow under the lower lip this style puts the soul in soul patch I don't care who you are where you're from this tuft will draw a crowd Watch carefully though it's here now but could be gone by next week's simulcast The Orthodox You'll have a schism with your razor after seeing this beauty Timeless yet urbane this is the beard for the discerning priest of a more Eastern persuasion Pair with heavy incense Post-Evangelical Stubble This IO o clock shadow is more than a statement it is an implicit philosophical challenge to the entire Evangelical tribe For too long we have put pastors in boxes This casual spattering of hair is both noncom- mittal and a needed reaction against the absurd varnished forms of how it's ali been thought about The Perennial Youth Pastor Unchanged since the late 90s this carefully maintained piece clings desperately to the lower lip like the last green leaf refusing to admit that fall has come Often seen above skate shoes and superhero t-shirts oO The Reformed Calvin Enough saicd Ge-neva have to shave again The Anabaptist From pasturing to pastoring this glorious neck beard neard flourishes out from strong Teutonic chins around the world It's all about community But it's not just for rural brethrenl Nay an urban Sitz im Leben fits this bold style too The Neo-Reformed Rigid and unyielding from the front yet supple and welcoming If approached with filial respect Scented like dark beer and sweet pipe tobacco You could smother an Arminian with that mess No one is good enough to wear this thou groveling worm A pox on thee for e'en thinking of't! Yet mercy abounds as does the attractiveness of this carefully trimmed masterwork But not through any merit of the wearer's lest our pride break all bounds The Patchtivist Whether standing in solidarity with the urban poor never looked as chic as this patchy leader of a quiet S5A manifesto of style this is the true face of the people shooting a documentary on Christian bourgeoisity Che The Hawg Preacher If blue-collar style gets your motor running you'll want to head out on the highway for this preacher's mobile sermons Complete the look with leather chaps embroidered with scripture references a practical vehicle for evangelism on-the-go revolution Viva la Kingdom! This beard loves you but will never ever llke you Pair ONLY AND ALWAYS WITH A 6ll AUTHORIZED VERSION OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO TURN OFF CAPS LOCK The Hipster Pastor This carefully sculpted mustache curves in a gentle sweep over the lip for an ironic 1890's look Often complemented by a fiannel shirt messenger bag and The S It is rumored that the few preachers tro calculator watch Look for stains of macchiato foam or crumbs from locally baked scones on this chic style statement SOwho can grow this masterpiece find that their vocal projection triples In any case as old Charles Haddon himself said Growing a beard 'is a habit most natural scriptural manly and beneficial Meme

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