The Halfling's declining birthrates in tandem with a deeply ingrained culture of hospitality has led to a recent uptick in cross-species adoption Frequently orphaned due to the naturally short lifespans of orcs orcish children with halfling parents have become somewhat more common in halfling settlements po Dad 60 Adopted Daughter 16 Love MY While it is generally considered unacceptable for little folk to go adventuring it is perfectly repectable for any upstanding halfling to travel distantly in search of an appropriate child In light of recent events laws have been passed that only allow for one such venture to prevent the sizes of families getting out of hand missoyashirou mithrils-hanger lizawithazed dvandom filibusterfrog halflings love their new giant children “So Mister…GRAAAAGH Underhill-by-Sackville is it?”“Indeed”“You’re an Orc but you don’t mention any clan…”“Oh I’m culturally Hobbitish I was adopted at a very young age And I’m very keen on this position you have open at your trading house”“The guard position?”“Heavens no I barely know which end of a sword goes into the miscreant I am a certified accountant and eager to make my mark in respectable society” I once played a kobold sorcerer-rogue with this exact backstory even better Tolkein Orcs seem to grow in size based on how good their diet is thus Misty Mountain and Moria ‘goblins’ are relatively small caves rarely provide much in the way of nourishment Mordor orcs are a bit on the larger size but still close to dwarf size given that two hobbits easily blend in while the extremely well fed Orthanc Uruk-Hai are the size of large menHobbits eat six meals a day when they can get them and love to snack in between even the poorest are able to sustain this diet and the rich just eat far more elaborate meals those adopted kids are going to grow up to be huge A 10 foot tall green dude by the name of Arthur Brambly-Took came to my luncheon and now I’m going to have to marry him Meme

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