The Hands Resist Him Painting A couple from California found this painting at an old brewery and listed it for sale on eBay They warned in the listing that the children and creepy hands in the background had a tendency to move around on their own but that didn't keep someone from paying $1025 for it The painting was originally made by the artist Bill Stoneham and is said to be based off a photograph from his childhood When asked how the paint ing came to be found by the couple who eventually sold it on eBay he claims to not know but revealed that the last he saw of it was at an art gallery in Los Angeles The owner of that gallery as well as a Los Angeles Times critic who reviewed the show the painting was hung for are said to both have died within a year of laying eyes on it Follow @theparanormalguide for more! ________________________________ HASHTAGS BELOW IGNORE _________________________________ scary creepy gore creepiest creepypasta creepyfact creepyfacts horror horrorstory horrorstories scarypictures scarystories scaryfact scaryfacts theories conspiracy conspiracytheory conspiracytheories haunted paranormal aliens zombie zombies thewalkingdead ahs twd supernatural americanhorrorstory Meme

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