THE HARDER YOU PRESS THE BUTTON THE STRONGER THE ATTACK WOULD BE theamericankid Gaming Logic pepsie more you tilt your body your character will get away from danger xeruth the louder you yell the more critical hits you'll land ozolopolis when you stand up you can see everyone's weakspots doctorscottie when you tilt your head you'll be able to see more of the area masterassassino When you lean forward you get +30% concentration prothy-the-prothean When you use controller 1 it means you'll win beranyth Throwing yourself bodily to the side helps you avoid obstacles in racing accobi Threatening the playable character with physical injury will make platform puzzles easier aroihkin All of these things All of them vulcantribble This entire post sums up my belief system from the time I was five years old to now taotruths Determination STRANGEBEAVERcon Gaming Meme

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