the human small intestines is about 20 feet long a lion's is 5 feet long You can see why it's very hard to get meat through your digestive system it can sit in pockets for ages causing disease yet it will pass quickly through a lions We are not and never have been lions-just to clear that point up as a few people out there seem confused 0 cm 50 The consumption of meat is harmful because our bodies do not do well with digesting animal proteins So it doesn't matter if it's natural-organic-free range it is not designed for our anatomical structure Our anatomy doesn't match animals that are carnivores or omnivores We have long colons compared to animals that eat meat they have a much shorter colon So before we are able to digest and eliminate meat it starts rotting inside of us and gets stuck in the colon This breeds bacteria and parasites and creates layers of mucus blocking the villi responsible for absorbing nutrients in the small intestines ColonCleanse Meme

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