staff: This is the next move to restore net neutrality If it feels like you’re fighting battles on every side, you’re not alone. The struggle is terrifyingly real. But we can still make this year the best possible version of 2018 it can be. There’s a new opportunity to restore strong net neutrality protections: The Congressional Review Act. What is the Congressional Review Act? The CRA lets the House and Senate repeal administrative laws—rules and regulations set by governmental agencies—with a simple majority in both houses. The resolutions can’t be blocked by leadership, amended, or filibustered. This congress has used the CRA more than any other to overturn regulations that protect vulnerable people and the environment, but this time we can use it for a good purpose—to reverse the FCC’s decision and restore net neutrality. We just need #OneMoreVote Battle For The Net has secured commitments from 50 senators. One more and we can take this fight to the House. These are the targets: John Kennedy (Louisiana) | 202-224-4623 | Email John McCain (Arizona) | 202-224-2235 | Email Orrin Hatch (Utah) | 202-224-5251 | Email Dean Heller (Nevada) | 202-224-6244 | Email If you live in these states, we need you. Even if you don’t, you can still help the cause. Go to to write or call your representatives. Tell them to support the “Resolution of Disapproval” and overturn the FCC’s December 14 “Restoring Internet Freedom” vote.