The lead animator of part 5 Kohei Ashiya recently had an interview where he said this Spread awareness for part 6 so DP can see that their is interest with the hashtag #StoneOceanAnime • About Stone Ocean there is nothing confirmed yet but he said that there is a chance He told people to keep asking on social media so the studio can see there is a real interest in a sixth part • About Purple Haze Feedback AND I MUST SAY THAT HIS EYES LIGHTENED UP WHEN I ASKED IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!! He also said that there is nothing confirmed but he shared a cool story that when the newest Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe OVA was announced there was a press conference with the Vento Aureo cast and Fugo's VA was really confused that they weren't announcing PHF and said that he was totally available to do it whenever they want I remember that PHF is really beloved in Japan so we might see it someday? Hopefully so he looked really happy that someone brought up the book • About Steel Ball Run some guy asked about it and I thought it was cool to share Kohei said that SBR would be really expensive to make it since most of the action are horse racing and it's really hard to animate When asked about CGI he said that it would break the JOJO style of animation so he'd rather not use it So I think it's going to take a while after Stone Ocean if we get it to be animated I'm kinda glad he said that about CGI tho Make the Stone Ocean adaption happen with #StoneOceanAnime on Twitter Meme

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