The Leftist Meme So In Other Words The other 98% added a new photo NOT Socialism IMAGINE A WORLD IBT Venezuela Hunger Crisis 2016 Starving Children Abandoned Amid Food Shortages Economic Collapse Elbe Aenvuork Cimes WHERE PRO-LIFE Venezuelans Ransack Stores as EFFORTS INCLUDED Hunger Grips the Nation BBC FEEDING HUNGRY Going hungry in CHILDREN Venezuela ON Money US Venezuela's food prices IMAGINE A WORLD skyrocket as people go hungry THEY SAY WAC If leftists truly wished for a world which most successfully fed children they should abandon their advocacy of socialist and socialist-lite policies and embrace capitalism immediately Obviously the original graphic was intended to argue about abortion stances but we wish to pivot to something far more pressing than the latest political jab the wIdespread LITERAL starvation of children occurring RIGHT NOW due to leftist policies in Venezuela Years ago the country voted in socialism and today they're poorer and hungrier than ever Venezuelan families are giving their children away in a last ditch effort to save them as severe food shortages mount As the region’s economic recession deepens families lack basic foods and goods necessary for survival Parents are turning to friends and neighbors to take care of their children or in some cases abandoning them altogether a Reports of riots for food shortages of medicine and a lack of supplements for pregnant woman are growing Teachers have witnessed children fainting in class from malnutrition the Miami Herald reported a With delivery trucks under constant attack the nation’s food is now transported under armed guard Soldiers stand watch over bakeries The police fire rubber bullets at desperate mobs storming grocery stores pharmacies and butcher shops A 4-year-old girl was shot to death as street gangs fought over food b As to why the decline in food? Per CNN It wasn't feasible for many Venezuelan businesses to bring in basic goods from other countries because no matter what price they paid they were forced to sell at super low prices dictated for years by the socialist government c The humanitarian crisis is rapidly getting worse A study by three of the country's main universities indicates that 90% of Venezuelans are eating less than they did last year and that extreme poverty has jumped by 53% since 2014 d Inflation reached 480 percent in April 2016 according to the International Monetary Fund— are eroding buying power e Another survey found that 87 percent of interviewees—most of whom belonged to low-income households—had difficulty purchasing food e Additionally when evaluating the availability of 42 basic goods including food and essential household and hygiene products whose prices are regulated by the government it was found that there were shortages of 74 percent of them in stores The items of greatest scarcity were cooking oil flour milk grains and hygiene products e More than half were unable to go to work because they had to go and search for food 381 percent said their children had to skip school because they did not have enough food to feed them and 336 percent said their children had to skip school to accompany their parents to find food A total of 853 percent of those surveyed feared they would not have enough food in their homes to feed their families e So when leftists dare others to embrace a worldview which better feeds children remind them that their desired socialist policies are starving millions of them --------------- Sources a httpswwwgooglecomampwwwibtimescomvenezuela-hunger-crisis-2016-starving-children-abandoned-amid-food-shortages-economic-2461294%3Famp%3D1?client=safari b httpmobilenytimescom20160620worldamericasvenezuelans-ransack-stores-as-hunger-stalks-crumbling-nationhtml c httpmoneycnncom20161021newseconomyvenezuela-food-prices-skyrocketing d httpswwwgooglecomampwwwbbccouknewsamp36913991?client=safari e httpswwwhrworgsitesdefaultfilesreport_pdfvenezuela1016_web_2pdf Meme

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