THE LIGHTER MADRASES Madras the bleeder cotton from India has been appear ng lately in lighter shades proving that-as with any thing else in the realm of fashion-it is susceptible to change The general move ment happens to be towand softer colors and madras is admirably adaptable The sports jacket to the left on the epposite page for instance has a design of bright red and bMue against a backgroond of pale grey By L Aaronson for $35 The jacket next tot is of the same school-with a pale yellowish olive cast Stanley Blacker $35 On this page the new madras is seen as applied to casual clothes The shorts on the left high ighted by orange and yelow tones have a plain front and are cut along sightly tapered lines By Anthony Gesture for $10 In the middie a plaid shirt-short sleeves button down collar by Creighton for $9 The boldly striped walk shorts on the far right also show a predominance of lighter shadings-a plain front model with beit loops Cor bin makes it and you can get one for $14 Madras is an cent stuff etbullient but temperamental It goes under the official definition of combed single yarn shirt ing fabric lighter weight than broadcloth almost square thread count with dobby or ja quardwoven designs of fancy stripes or allover plaid which is to say that each madras is ight and brig and clashes with just about every other conceivable pattern So caution dictates that d you wear an article of ckoth ing in madras everything else had best be plain shirts all the non madras ones shown are by Gant socks nee socks by Byford athletic socks by Ader and trousers Meme

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