THE LITTLE MERMAI In the original story by Hans Christian Andersen the prince marries the neighboring king's daughter The Little Mermaid commits suicide by jumping into the sea and dissolving into foam THE PIEV PIPER In the earliest version the Pied Piper is denied his payment for ridding the town of rats so he then hypnotizes the town's 99 children into following him to a river E He uses his musical influence over them so that they enter the river and drown CINVERELLA The step-sisters cut off portions of thier feet in order to fit them into the glass slipper A pigeon informs the Prince of their trick and then the pigeon pecks out the step-sisters' eyes The step-sisters live out the rest of their lives as blind beggars GOLVILOCKS ANV THE THREE BEARS When the bears find Goldilocks sleeping in their bed they catch her and rip her to pieces Then they proceed to eat her SLEEPING BEAUTY Not a prince but a neighboring king finds her asleep He doesn't kiss her though Instead he rapes her while she's passed out Then she becomes pregnant and gives birth to two children still asleep It is only after one of her children sucks off the flax from her finger that she finally awakes Then she marries the same king that raped her LITTLE REV RIVING HOOD Little Red Riding Hood meets up with the wolf in the forest The wolf gives her the wrong directions He then later hunts her down and eats her She never even makes it to her Grandma's house True versions of classic childrens stories Meme

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