The Lying Media is at again Folks It seems as if they TRIED to resurrect Ruth Ginsberg by taking an old pic of her shot Nov 8 2018 and adding it to another picture to make it look like she was at the Notorious RBG in Song event on Feb 5 2019 NICE TRY- CLOSE but no cigar Anonymous source known by Linda G is claiming that Ruth DIED January 31 2019 in HER CARE She said that Ruth was placed into a chemically-induced coma but was actually dead no brain waves She wanted to tell somebody in case she was murdered apparently she went on to say that 2 of the nurses located at a facility in the Nevada desert where Ruth was being cared for have turned up dead & their deaths were ruled a suicide Folks Linda G has quit posting I do not know if this is true or not but it would not surprise me one bit All I know is that Ruth will have to make an appearance or will lose her job as a US Supreme Court Justice Meme

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