THE MAN WHO ASSASSINATED JUSTICE Day 805 Alarming and significant By Matt Kiser 442019 • 3 min read Updated 442019 253 PM PDT 1 Robert Mueller's investigators gathered alarming and significant evidence of obstruction by Trump that was much more acute than Attorney General William Barr suggested in his four-page letter to Congress Members of the special counsel team told associates they believe their findings are potentially more damaging for Trump than Barr explained and are frustrated that Barr did not adequately portray their work The team had also prepared summaries for different sections of their 400-page report which Barr did not use Lawyers and FBI agents on Mueller's team reportedly could not reach an agreement about whether Trump's conduct amounted to obstruction of justice but Barr after consulting with Rod Rosenstein went ahead and cleared Trump New York Times Washington Post NBC News Bloomberg Meme

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