THE MYSTERY TEACHER worers ntent ckyon to deckde wut thie boldtacoed words mean Wite soc s number next to the matching detinition It's the first day of sch teacher is I know her rame lts Ms Turnet But Ldeet e ool and I have no idea who my row anything about ber No one does Shes an c here 2 loitering outsido the clastroom 3 waffling betwoen excitenent ard fear My friens and 1 are 4 speculating We have so many questions Even my favcrite toachit Ms Brown O strange E crardeg ones red t big and hard iays she is 5 unacquainted with Ms Turner That's 6 peculiar Ms Brown knows everyone A of a to carry 3 R tal over hoar the sound back and fort shoes 7 clattering on the floor Ms Turner s coming The door to our classroom swings open and all t see are two rmis clinging to a 8 cumbersome load of textbooks The books as if theyre about to 9 topple so I reach out to hep Then I look up I see Ms Turners kind 10 countenance and sunry smle I recogrize her 1 luminous 12 cardigan Light dances off it opens in the front and sunry smilesweater that T changes IO C face or expression 6 mlkirg ase H standng aroird making me smile I saw that crazy sweater all year last year Ms Turner it turns out is Ms Brown m 13 flabbergasted Ms Brown got married this summer and changed her name My surprise 14 transforms into excitement I already know my teacherl Bonus BoxReee me econd parsgraph gvino the sory dilterent ending Use the boldfsced words in your new ending WHy DID THE STUDENTS TIE THEIR SHOELACES TOGETHER? To find out write each letter from above on its matching numbered line or lines below They were getting Malbor Meme

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