THE NEW YORKER SUBSCRIBE When Ivanka was a kid she got frustrated because she couldn't set up a lemonade stand in Trump Tower We had no such advantages she writes meaning in this case an ordinary home on an ordinary street She and her brothers finally tried to sell lemonade at their summer place in Connecticut but their neighborhood was so ritzy that there was no foot traffic As good fortune would have it we had a bodyguard that summer she writes They persuaded their bodyguard to buy lemonade and then their driver and then the maids who dug deep for their spare change The lesson she says is that the kids made the best of a bad situation In Tweet link jonstarks randumbdaze wa Lu imagine being so rich that you never need to attempt to raise money for anything in your goddamned life so you decide to sell organic cage free gluten free soy free lemon water for funsies but no one in your rich neighborhood leaves their house ever so instead you get your underpaid employees to give you a rich toddler their money i hate IM WHEEZING IMAGINE BEING THIS REMOVED FROM REALITY Reblogged 2 days ago from chubbypixel originally from paxamericana 87367 notes Source paxamericana Life in a bubble Meme

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