the one forgotten Pokémon @theoneforgotte1 Jun 15 VALJOHTranscription Vxbjocjchj is a humanoid ??? Pokémon resembling a Golem in Jewish myth Unlike other Pokémon it does not emit a noise or name as it has no mechanism by which to do so Instead it clearly displays its absurd name on its body the one forgotten Pokémon @theoneforgotte1 Jun 15 VERNothing is known about how it functions but it is often compared to Claydoll Whenever another Pokémon would normally say its name Vxbjocjchj lightly rotates its upper torso which causes its laterally extended oblique regions to sway back and forth also its only attack the one forgotten Pokémon @theoneforgotte1 Jun 15 C V Though this swinging attack has been known to whack objects and opposing Pokémon with great force the common effect is to make the opponent so uncomfortable that they forfeit the match This twitter account Meme

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