The ONLY choice for VP to sway the voters is Michelle Obama That way the Dems get a progressive female *cough cough -they get a POC huuuge plus and of course you get Barack back in the White House-which is what many of the Libs memeldream about Mock me if you want but I'm 100% right In fact Michelle should run as POTUS and one of the old white guys should be HER VP choice I'm with the majority here--Biden and Bernie are just too damn old Plus Bernie is a MAJOR hypocrite Lake House Bernie and his wife's scandal of ripping off university cash and Biden 1000 GIFS of him fondling children in public yes you can google them-the GOP certainly has! OH CRAP!~~~ It looks like the Dems are waking the f*ck up! Spotted this in their feed about who they need to pick for their Vice President! Meme

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