The ONLY choice for VP to sway the voters is Michelle Obama That way the Dems get a progressive female *cough cough -they get a POC huuuge plus and of course you get Barack back in the White House-which is what many of the Libs memeldream about Mock me if you want but I'm 100% right In fact Michelle should run as POTUS and one of the old white guys should be HER VP choice I'm with the majority here--Biden and Bernie are just too damn old Plus Bernie is a MAJOR hypocrite Lake House Bernie and his wife's scandal of ripping off university cash and Biden 1000 GIFS of him fondling children in public yes you can google them-the GOP certainly has! Prime example of Democratic Evil “Joe Biden is too old to run for President oh and btw he fondles kids and that’s bad for optics But really he’s just too old” Meme

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