The original @griergxsm I was babysitting my friend's son and put on Netflix Kids We were searching for something to watch for awhile and he softly says What would you say if I wanted to watch Barbie Dreamhouse? I was like Sure let's watch it 612 PM - 2919 Twitter for iPhone 1883 Retweets 112K Likes 12 The original Follow @griergxsm He was like you don't think that it's not for boys?' So I said cartoons are cartoons love let's watch it He visibly sat back in relief and said I whole series I just wanted to see Nothing is for girls or boys if you like it agree Then I've already watched the 413 PM - 9 Feb 2019 691 Retweets 6759 Likes The original Follow @griergxsm He went home and told his mom 'he conversation MY HEART likes being at my house we had great 414 PM- 9 Feb 2019 436 Retweets 7771 Likes e ? 18邊4 @ ahsunay LET THEM KNOW!!! LET LIL BOYS KNOW Meme

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