The Other 98% 1 hr3 Let's not forget about Tim Tebow the NFL quarterback that kneeled in protest of abortion during the National Anthem in 2012 He was praised by fans for being a model American then was given 3 new NFL contracts in addition to a Major League Baseball contract Unlike Colin Kaepernick who CLEARLY stated his protest has nothing to do with the flag or military Time Tebow specifically said that he couldn't stand for a flag that allowed for abortion If you can't see the hypocrisy in this then chances are you are part of the problem Bryce Verret Tim Tebow's pro-life stance is well known but when he knelt on the field his actions were those of private prayer conducted during incidental moments surrounding a game- not as Colin Kapernick's were a form of public protest purposefully tied to the playing of the US national anthem Tebow never knelt while the national anthem was being played BV The Other 98% lying again Meme

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