THE POCKET ENCY CLOPEDIA OF INDOOR PLANTS IN COLOR A Nicolaisen urdy have 10 erect trunk with siteshieland holes From the stems large Philodendron scander Growth Vigorous clim while very small on en leaves on long ield-like leaves unches of hanging aerial roots are formed Older plants may under favour Sweetheart Vine able conditions in conservatories or Habitat West Indies hothouses develop large calla-like G inforescences with white spathes Later with pointed heart-shap s with dots and pale yellow and pale ultivated as a young plant and en C carded when the bottom leaves are d its value as an ornamental plant i s debatable e Best in a warm greenhouse o good in a room after careful har ing off Thrives for a time in dee g off Thom after caou but aromatic edible fruits appear which de Requires a lot of space 1S grow to lengths of 30 cr have a taste similar to that of a pine- specimens New leave brown and almost trans Use Decorative room plant requiring a lot of space Suitable for trellising to l Soilless mixture or light leaf mould ding 3 grams per litre 1 oz per ter Should be kept moist all the year ht Never direct sunlight Thrives in Use Well suited as cli alls doorways and large windows Soil Soilless mixture with added peat pH Feeding 3 gram gallon every Fertiliser sh moist soil trellises or walls or as a plant also as a ground rvatories An amusin s to allow the pla enveloped in mois soil on every week March-October nd Will not stand drying out dy rooms halls or staircases t Poor growth if temperature falls w minimum 15° C 60° F during er st attractive and amount in t ss mixture rams per Frequent spraying especially in lit positions the spots and edges Heat Normal room temp not less than 12° C 55° F Air Syringe during gro up to very good centrall he Re-potting Every 3 orA years Propagation By cuttig top shoots with the aerial roots atta hed They should be planted in equal arts of soilless mix ее ai otting Every spring in spacious agation By cuttings in a green in an enclosed atmosphere with e Mealy bug red spider mite ially when the growing point is ri it e and sand and must be kept moist and warm Varieties borsig ina but correctly Monstera pertus which has smaller eaves and mor aerial roots than the type and grows ore rapidly and vigor- ously Can al be used in smaller rooms This is e variety illustrated NOTE Aerial pots which--like ordin ary rootss ve as ducts for transmit The sap in the leaves and stems is nous varieties There are many hybrids this and other species with a variation in the distribution of en rs in the leaves See also below enbachia leopoldii Meme

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