The Pros and Cons of The Area 51 Meme Pros Cons We created many different avenues and scenarios as to how the even would play out This We got into some weird stuff sexual relations with aliens etc that w - Some who didn't make any Area 51 memes titled their posts not an Area 51 post or here's break from the Area 51 stuff etc Titles are everything and these were unoriginal creative A lot of people new to the meme game were able to share in that experience by 'hopping on the Area 51 train' and make their own memes with that in mind -It's getting annoying We open reddit and we see these everywhere letermi meme all the way to September 20 This shows that we have dedication in what we do to take this The outside sources may ruin the meme ie find something wrong with it and make news reports about it until it eventually dies Because of the popularity of the meme sources outside of reddit are beginning to pick it up meaning that our memes have impacted a world outside of our selective subreddits I guess this counts as an Area 51 meme Meme

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