the-red-jennies 5 commonevilmastermind unpretty i love cutthroat kitchen but bingewatching makes it really stand out how often alton brown refers to himself as 'daddy' and makes contestants wear spreader bars dr-hollands I'm sorry what 996 לן Like A Share unpretty Whose money will be returning home to daddy? you heard me unpretty Ballistic Metal USA Follow OBallisticMetal Our General Purpose Adjustable Spreader Bar #7002 featured on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen INE CO BALLISTIC NETAL Ballistic Metal USA @BallisticMetal Precision Crafted Gear Proudly Made in the USA Cockrings BDSM Butt Plugs Chastity Devices Shower Play Spreader Bars Bondage Fetish Toys Whips & Paddles 668 לן Like Share elkian #1 CAN'T BELIEVE I NOW KNOW WHERE TO BUY THE EXACT FETISH GEAR THEY USE ON MY FAVORITE COOKING SHOW fiskeorn @genericrevenge son-of-maglor OKAY BUT WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY USING SPREADER BARS ON A COOKING SHOW??!??! DOESNT THAT MAKE IT KINDA HARD TO COOK???!? unpretty ALL NEW #Evilicious CHEF YAKU MUST WEAR PUMPKIN ON HIS HEAD MINTY CutthroatKitchen CHEF HUDA TOOLS REPLACED WITH COWBOY GEAR food kinda yeah victorian-sexstache 479 לן Like Share victorian-sexstache @datas-vibrating-robot-dong this seems like your speed gregorydickens That logo looks familiar gregorydickens That logo looks familiar APPROVED Prince Namor THE COMICE CODE SUB- ARINER MARVEL COMICS GROUP 12 1 BIG PREMIERE ISSUE MAY IND MCC unpretty WHAT 119 לן Like Share unpretty WHAT MARVEL OMICS 12 NE CO ALLISKIC OH MY GOD sylveonce This post has everything cutthroat kitohen bdsm gear comics art theft paintmeahero We met Alton Brown at a show he did here - we paid the extra cash to meet him and get a blurry cellphone pic with him and have him sign a picture He noticed my male companion's pocket watch and proceeded to order him to take it out of his pocket It wasn't obnoxious it was in a Dom tone that brooked no argument So he complied When he found out it wasn't wound and so not working he was deeply disappointed and told him to better next time If this guy isn't a Dom l'll eat that spreader bar unpretty #what a terrible way to find out your friend is a bottom strangesequitur This post just keeps going new places every reblog cycle Alton Brown is a Dom and he shows it on Cutthroat Kitchen Meme

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