The science facts about AUTISM AND VACCINES WHAT STARTED THE RUMORS? The Study Had Some Problems Not based Made vague et Wakefield a dramatic study that found a connection between autism and vaccines statistically valid NO LINK WAS FOUND Dr So people started investigating hi here's what other 1999 studies found 500 CHILDREN no connection was found 2001 2002 of of a study from Finland of 535000 CHILDREN 537000 CHILDREN 10000 CHILDREN still found no connection no once again found no c 2012 2005 A review of 27 cohort studies 17 case control studies 6 self- controlled case series studies 5 time series trials 2 ecological A review of 3l studies covering more than 10000000 CHILDREN Also found no 2004 case cross-over trial covering over 14700000 CHILDREN statement REFUTING the original findings NO LINK TO AUTISM WAS FOUND IN ANY CASE IN ALL OF THE STUDIES They had conducted invasive investigations on the children without obtaining the necessary ethical clearances picked and chose data that suited their case THEY FALSIFİED FACTS VACCINE VILIFICATION SURVIVES some vaccines cause autism in There have been 0 credible studies linking vaccines to autism of parents opt out of Although declared eradicated in 2000 in 1980 The UK reported more than 2000 562400 122000 DEATHS DEATHS massive measles MILLION 72% of babies 84% of babies DEATHS from measles 15000 cases in 20 In the United States whooping cough shot up in 2012 TO NEARLY 50000 CASES anew study concluded tha VACCINE REFUSALS S0000 in the US of in 0000 26000 S000 2900 Dr Wakefield's paper published MYTHS THAT STILL SCARE PARENTS COMMON VACCINE MYTHS Vaccines areThe decision to Receiving too manyDrug not vaccinate vaccines at once can companies only override a baby's that can harm immune system make profits Thimersol the chemical being referenced does Un-vaccinated children wheo Baby's immune systems are strong enough to defend from estimated 2013 global revenues the day to day viruses and bacteria with which they comebillion which only accounts for in contact they can also handle Meme

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