The shooter did not hold up a sign with Senator Rand Paul's tweet printed on it NO PARKING Senator Rand Paul C Second Amendme not to shoot deer t's to shoot鹹the government arent becomes 48 AM-23 Jan 2016 わ다1474 1011 James Hodgkinson of Belleville protests outside of the United States Post Office in Downtown Belleville in this file photo Hodgkinson is part of the99% team drawing attention to the disproportionate amount of money and political power the top 1percent of Americans have acqired Also protesting outside of the post office where members of the Communications Workers of America Local 4217 they were drawing attention to the low percentage of taxes paid by AT&T Derik Holtmann Derik HoltmannBND Blazed Björk DiscoverinBjork 46m don't know why people are calling James Hodgkinson a BernieBro here's a picture of him telling us what he was going to do pictwittercomylarX7MjL 29 42 48 Twitter Via Twitter @DiscoverinBjork @Judgenap Why do we have a Second Amendment? It's not to shoot deer It's to shoot the government when it becomes tyrannical! Rand Paul's tweet says <p>Here’s another one where people try to make it seem like he was a Second Amendment supporting Rand Paul stan even though the original sign was pro Sanders Man how they try<p> Meme

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