THE SIGNS LOST TOGETHER Aries Maybe we should split up Me and Gemini will go- Foints at map at random* Here Taurus ah I think 11 stay heze Text me some updates Gemini Sitting in the corner with an attitude Cancer erying* What are you guys DOING? 'l never find our way!' rezyone Just chill I'll use the map t° find the way Virgo Mo need I'11 use the GFS on my phone Looks down* Welp My phone's dead Libra I love our tea! This is going great! Scorpio Shut up Libra Re're in the middle of nowhere I hate all of you Sagittarius Just enjoy the circumstances for right no We'il make it out alive probably Capricor This is all of your faults If you'd have listened to me we wouldn't be in this mess Aquarius Teョhould start planning ahead we're going to get hungry at some point We should all take a vote of who we'1l eat I vote Pisces Pisces Rocking back and forth and sobbing If we get lost together Meme

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