The Story of Socrates Socrates furrowed his brow as he walked patrolling the city square of Athens like he did every day looking for new students to teach philosophy to He taught his students by asking them questions that made them uncomfortable forcing them to come to terms with their own ignorance in the pursuit of Truth After walking a while he came across a Greek youth sitting on the steps of a bakery Socrates prepared his line of questioning and approached the boy Young man said Socrates do your parents know you're gay In this question lies the brilliance of Socrates' Socratic Method The boy cannot answer the question directly because to do so would be to accept the underlying premise that he is gay The boy saw through this however and rebutted speaking quickly stupidiotsayswhat Hmm? said Socrates dumboldguysayswhat Huh? said Socrates bigfattysayswhat I didn't catch that said Socrates This continued for hours Eventually Socrates was poisoned Meme

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