THE SYSTEMINVESTS SO MUCH TIME AND ENERGYINTO KEEPING YOUWEAK BECAUSEIT ACTUALLY FEARS YOUR POWER AND POTENTIAL GAVIN NASCIMENTO Each and EVERY human being has the potential of a Bob Marley a Malcolm X a John Lennon a Bruce Lee a Martin Luther King Jr a Hellen Keller a Tawakkol Karman and so many others who lit up this dark world with the LIGHT of their minds and souls These people challenged the system and helped to empower and bring the human race TOGETHER And there is NOTHING more threatening to the ruling class than a UNIFIED people they mean to exploit These people were so dangerous that even today their teachings live on HAUNTING the ruling class who want us to believe we are weak mediocre and here to only serve them Because of this they use EVERY method they can to keep us dumbed down and easy to control So pay attention to the music YOU ALLOW into your precious mind the food and drink YOU PUT into your precious body and the things you watch on TV that SHAPE your perception of reality amongst other things There are sinister forces ALL AROUND YOU and ignorance of this presence will NOT save you from its ILL intent We are at war and the enemy knows that in order to control BILLIONS of people they must be skillful and silent in their methodology And the most effective way to do this is to simply control our minds and our physical health Reclaim your mind and FEED YOURSELF Knowledge Truth Love Peace and Empowerment and become the human being you were meant to become a CREATIVE being here to help CHANGE this world NOT conform to it! — Gavin Nascimento Meme

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