The Tampa Times Saturday December 3 1977 ISection B Video games just a passing fad top toy company executive says EAST LONGMEADOW Mass UPI - The toy industry will be mak ing more and more electronic games in the future but video entertainment is just a passing fad says an official of the happened with CB radios 35 mm pho- tography and stereo components he said Moon said people become bored with video games after about a month world's largest and oldest game comBut he said Milton Bradley and the rest of the industry is moving toward electronic games He noted that his firm has introduced two new electronic games for this year-the Comp IV and pany Americans love gadgets and this is just another gadget Michael Moon of the Milton Bradley Co said Thursday The problem with the toy industry his- torically is that it overreacts to trends Electronic Battleship The electronic ine now represents about 15 per cent of the sales for the It video is the same thing that company founded in 1886 Moon said Video Games Are Just a Passing Fad - Milton Bradley 1977 Meme

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