The THAD genocide The Chad massacre The virgin murder Super mysterious often included in Goes all out without Wacky Fortnite- any virginesque showing of mercy Gets held account- Leaves weeping widows in themed weapons it's wake demonstrating that Chad always has a huge effect on women conspiracy videos able for his actions get used to slaughter people widening the fan base to include Did it really happen? Perpetrators will go to hell but recieve mad respect from Satan for their badass scheme due to his sloppy work and lone wolf Usually only results in the death of 1-3 Burns bodies to let others know that they mean business Results in the death of 15-500 peoplę status young children people Goverment ap- proved so doesn't result in major legal Varies in methods Dumps body without trying to attract attention of body disposal and execution displaying an open-minded nature Usually an emotionally charged act - implying femininity as real men have no emotions consequences Will not be accepted into the kingdom of heaven but will not be respected by Satan either Absolute team effort from everyone involved trengthens feeling of brotherhood Does not use badass murder weapons settles for sad May leave prison early and become even more of a virgin by becoming a 'changed man' Ridiculous gains from all the pillaging done afterwards Inspiration to budding dictators knife Super calculated and effective Leaves no weeping widows in it's wake because no one survives The virgin murder vs The Chad massacre vs The THAD genocide Meme

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