THE THAD THE VIRGIN DOWNVOTE THE CHAD UPVOTE GOLD Cannot possibly be abused Used out of joy laughter pleasure value insight or intellectual stimulation Supports Reddit Negative Positive Singlehanded ly the cause of group-think and circlejerks on Reddit ako More abused than all catholic children combined Has never been Only people who have their shit abused People upvote what they like and that's how Downvotes people he disagrees with downvote syndrome together buy it Understands that the voting system's entire function is to Only used on the funniest most insightful or just most entertaining posts you are supposed to upvote friends nobody likes downvotes Has no rank comments from top to bottom based on value and relevancy and not as a reward or punishment Causes people to spend hours to make high-effort posts and thus improving content quality Everyone loves receiving him Actually requires an investment to give or requires you to have received gold platinum Mostly used out of anger or The virgin downvote vs the Chad upvote vs the Thad gold Meme

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