The Trevor Moore O @itrevormoore Tmes TREDOR moORE Remember Kevin McCallister could have phoned the police at any time He was a child who had accidentally been left alone One call and he would have been safe But it was never about safety He was hunting those men He wanted them to die It was fun for him He enjoyed it bisexualhennessy foxyclock orgyporgy shittymoviedetails Kevin is the real villian in Home Alone The movie establishes that the phone lines to the house are down that’s also why nobody is able to call Kevin at home The movie also establishes that all of his neighbors are out of town which is why he couldn’t borrow their phones The movie ALSO BEGINS by introducing the main antagonist as a “police officer” which is why Kevin doesn’t trust the cops I’m so tired of the ignorance The slander FINALLY we’ve reached the time of year for home alone discourse #he did what he needed to do to survive then he did a bunch of other stuff he felt like doing via @hotcrossedfangs Also the police in that movie are hilariously inept Kevin‘s mom contacts them to do a wellness check on her eight-year-old son who is home alone and for them that consists of casually wandering down to the house knocking once and then when nobody answers instead of considering the very real possibility that a frightened young boy might not open the door right away they just assume everything‘s fine and the mom is just crazy and they fuck right off Meme

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