The Unique Gift for Women The Happy Thought im Gifts Milady Décollete Gillette A Gift that is new unique very much up to date A beautiful addition to Milady's toilet table-and one that solves an embarrassing personal problem Milady Décolleté Gillette is welcomed by women everywhere-now that a fea ture of good dressing and good grooming is to keep the underarm white and smooth le Prench Ivery and Geld-14K Geld Plate in case of French Ivory lined with velvet and satin- your choice of Purple Old Rose Green er Old Gold You can see it in toilet goods departments of leading de partment stores ia drug storejewelry and hardware steres Ask your dealer-have him get it-or send direct to es Say which color you prefer in lining of case The price is $5 GILLETTE SAFETY RAZOR COMPANY BOSTON MASS Old neckbeard ad Meme

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