THE UPS & DOWNS OF FANTASY FOOTBALL 2 in a row! Play offs here I come! just need Mike Evans Totally worth it!I got my first win! I love fantasy football! I'm excited for the draft! to score 9 pts and make the playoffs!!! My new team name is 2 Gurley's 1 Cup I'm so clever! Week 1 I'm supposed to win by 40 pts I picked up the Chiefs RB off the waiver wire My team name is Show Me Your TD's My girlfriend left me He got hurt I'm so clever Okay that 100 pt loss really put things in perspective I lost by 50 Itotally missed the draft He scored 855 I hate fantasy football Just had a 30 min convo about the validity of having a TE in the flex @SportsCharts TIME DOWN UP Fantasy Football Meme

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