The Upsetting True Meaning Of That 'Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road' Joke According to a man on Twitter called Nick anyway 06012017 BY SAM PARKER P GETTY IMAGES The chicken in Nick's joke is standing there by the side of a busy motorway peering unsteadily into a blur of killer steel the roar of the engines filling his tiny chicken ears his little red chicken claw scratching the tarmac in mounting courage thinking about his chicken wife and chicken chicks who were taken off to the slaughterhouse not hours before Nick's chicken is closing his beady chicken eyes now and propelling himself forward crap wings flapping into the welcome embrace of a 70-miles-per-hour Ford Escort Nick's chicken is slopped across the road guts and feathers everywhere his little chicken soul floating up to 'the other side' one less chicken in a cruel chicken-hating world No Why just why Meme

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