THE VIRGIN 20105 The Chiel 1950 bad guys like Mc Carthy are subject to bipartisan criticism and even censure music is eminently undanceable and mainly consists of synths hi-hats and acoustic guitar over lazy sing-rapping you know that thing Ray Charles did on It Should 've Been Me? bad guys don't get punished singers actually can sing music is danceable with thumping 44 and 128 beats and is heavily produced with rockin' electric guitar and blazing piano autotune both men and women generally dress in cute but casual ways and songs glorify romantic love and teens going steady rather than the degrading booty-shaking pop of the 2010s and 2020s uhh Kanye is the defining artist of our decade? hideous fashions brought on by late capitalist hypersexualization - women like Billie Eilish have to wear baggy clothes to avoid objectification Johnny Cash Ray Charles Elvis Woody Guthrie Frank Sinatra and Hank Williams -something for everyone advanced robots government conspiracies stuff blowing up and human greedwarmongering reminscent of the worst TRANSFORMERS tens of millions of black and brown people being driven from their homes by climate change no advanced and scary robots and none of this Michael Bay shit going on Transformers movies ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK millions of Africans and Asians are granted their freedom and Jim Crow is beginning to crumble - in some cases with white Americans forcing down the doors of black- only clubs to hear Fats Domino and his ilk rock and roll is well and dead with the guitarist of blink-182 joining the military industrial complex to people can't dance rock and roll is alive THE PLATTERS and ripping up the charts become said Transformers TONY MARTINEZ villain selling what he believes to be advanced FREDDIE BELL alien tech to the Dept of Defense ALAN FREED 90% marginal tax rate for the super rich and low inequality extensive unionization and welfare programs in US and Europe JOHNNY JOHNSTON sky-high inequality and corporate corruption ALIX TALTON somehow Cuba is arguably the government least in bed with the villainPOTUS who's basically George Zimmerman with a wig and a spray tan actual weekly dances sock hops where people have to move their bodies the president of the US is a decorated war veteran who is highly competent and the US isn't the bad guy can't afford shit no consistent aesthetic what-so-ever greasers tailfins neon and midcentury modern architecture even a dishwasher can buy a 2 bedroom cape cod ora flat in the suburbs Virgin vs Chad Decades Meme

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