the virgin 8th century bc THE CHAD 8TH CENTURY ADD racing stripes stab faster look sweet doin it helmet or pizza slice u decide minimalist crest shows style yet restraint u aint burnin this fellas neck mr sun 3 layers of armor that's 2 more than 1 ubreastplatei strap grip protects oh i dunno HIS ENTIRE FUCKIN BODy whoa hope u like gettin stabbed in the ribs firm grip gives gr8 handshakes boss grip? not v ergonomic bonus jesus doodle adds +1 holy protec thicc thighs for running away from Etruscans slicey guy for when fools get close 5ft shaft at best spearlet biq thick shaft no greeko spiffy leggings lame ass boots comfy slippers ya could wear these things to bed for gosh sakes prolly give u blisters 8th century AD Meme

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