The Virgin High Functioning Autism The CHAD Low Functioning Autism listens to music because of his is in a constant state of euphoria sings to himself in public screams at loud things like cars or trains irrational hatred of loud noises usually depressed is only focused on the things that matter most like anime or sonic the hedgehog is extremely fixated on things that ultimately don't matter hates every job he gets with a passion bad fashion sense school system cucked him hard is unemployable lives with his elderly parents school system cowers before him effeminate lifestyle is extremely predictable lifestyle is fucking crazy nobody understands it at all when hes not wearing something of gadly proporsions he is wearing nothing at all weak will lose every fight gets mad when you use strong everybody is below him in terms of sheer strength retard no matter what couldn't care less about words tons of friends no friends everybody pretends to be friends with him they think that godawful social skills literally incapable of social interaction has many friends regardless they're good people for doing so The Virgin HFA vs The Chad LFA Meme

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