The Virgin Protagonist The Chad Antihero Gets his quirks through charity and asspulls Gets his powers by forcefully devouring entire humans Uses the skulls of his still alive Stupid green hair enemies to crack open nuts Massacres thousands of innocents women and chilrdren included doesn't give a shit Always mumbling to himself Obsessive nerd over All Might Has the ability to end all life on earth if he feels like it Cries over anything His powers literally make him hurt himself Can grow facial hair Strong jawline and superior german genes Has a crush on his bully never fights back when he's being insulted His name literally means he's useless His only trick is punching harder Can fuck the queen whenever he wants Always autistically looking down Always looking straight forward Works out every day barely even has a 6 pack Nervous around girls Believes morals are for pussies Tells his best friend that he's useless Naturally just has a fucking 10 pack before beating the living shit out of him just because he can Can't even tell anyone about his powers Believes he always has to do the right thing slave to being virtuous Bitches so obsessed with him Has his own cult that they become his literal slaves Forgot he even had legs Goofy ass outfit made by his mom 200+ IQ master tactician iron will and the wisdom of a thousand men All of his predesscors are equally alpha his dad was a chad too Born a quirkless loser Clown shoes Doesn't wear a shirt because fuck it Born with a destiny to secure the existance of his people and a future for eldian children Doesn't even have a dad Deku vs Eren Meme

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