The Virgin Sommelier The CHAD Wine Mom Unhinges jaw and sucks down an entire bottle in under a Always drinks alone but never to excessi Doesn't even drink the wine just gargles and spits like a cheap whore minute like a high-class escort Checks all the boxes for having a drinking problem but has dozens of friends to reinforce her habit so it's ok No spouse or children only a piece of paper that says he drinks wine S Pit Pretends to like complex red wines that basically taste like a child's juicebox vomit mixed with shit Has 3 beautiful children and a loving and supportive spouse along with 2 cats Drinks delicious pink white wine while cleaning up their child's juicebox vomit and shit neon- Prefers prohibitively expensive wine thinks it tastes different from box Pretentious with a hint of bullshit and a strong bougie finish Once mistakenly took a sip of high- grade Cabernet Sauvignon thought it was just really nasty box wine wine Claims that wines can taste like wood nuts spices anything but fucking WINE Knows that wine tastes like wine tastes like wine Has arguably the most important job in the world Basically an overpaid waiter Mom jeans indicate total authenticity with a hint of party The Virgin Sommelier vs the CHAD Wine Mom Meme

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