The Virgin Vengeance Paladin The Chademption Paladin The most wholesome of paladins Abilities are useful and help the party in and out of combat Abilities are useless outside of combat The edgelord rogue of paladins only helps himself Wears colors wears boring shades of black and grey trying to be goth as bright as his future peace Only thinks about revenge can't get laid Thinks about peace and redeeming others Could get laid anytime but respectfully remains chaste Whole oath is Whole oath is about not about forgiveness being able ot forgive Works to peacefully end racism will Rebuke the Violent if a racist tries shit Probably racist against whate ver race killed his parents Either has no sheild or only Protects others with a dope shield uses it for himself Keeps sword sheathed until last resort like a gentleman Can only attac Sword always drawn He protec he attac like a coward Come to the light and redeem yourselves Vengeance Paladins Meme

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