The Washington Times @WashTimes Follow Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs wins second siraighi Iexas girls' high schl İlik bitly2ESp995 907 AM- 25 Feb 2018 1146 Retweets 1524 Likes9 imagine if this cis had a gun @scorpixon Follow Great image to demonized trans people assholes Mack is a transman who wants to wrestle MEN but the school won't let him forcing him to compete with girls all you ignorant fucks just assume they're a trans woman when that's not true The Washington Times@WashTimes Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs wins second straight Texas girls high school title bitly2ESp995 810 PM-25 Feb 2018 jadesandslash whyyoustabbedme The worst part is they dismiss his wins by using the excuse he’s on T wrestling girls THAN LET HIM WRESTLE BOYS LIKE HE WANTS TO!!! hey i go to school with him! anyways apparently the reason he’s on the girl’s team is because he has to be on the team that matches his birth certificate or whatever but people say it’s unfair because he’s taking testosterone even though it’s testosterone prescribed by a doctor which is allowed and that gives him an “unfair advantage”… they could’ve just put him on the boys team and there wouldn’t bre any “unfair advantage” but nooooo his birth certificate blah blah blah they just didn’t want him to be on any wrestling team and when he proved that he is an excellent wrestler people tried to devalue his wins I’m super proud of him and I’m glad he won but god i fucking hate transphobes and how fucking unfair they are he was forced to be on the girl’s team and yet he’s not allow to win on the girl’s team???? why is the world like this lmao Meme

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